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  • [2017-12]    睿科光电成功中标中国中车高速铁路铁轨监测项目

            Recently, our company has successfully won the bid for the distributed optical fiber demodulation instrument procurement project of CRRC Corporation Limited, this instrument will be used for the research and development of "Major Project on advanced rail transportation"---Rail Transport Security Technology Project, as parts of the 13th Five-Year plan borne by CRRC. In this project, Anshan Realphotonics Technology Co., Ltd., as a technical support organization, is responsible for providing the distributed optical fiber demodulation instrument for monitoring temperature and strain of the track, with design and implementation of the distributed optical fiber system for monitoring temperature and strain of high-speed railway track. In the competition of bidding and comparison with international famous distributed optical fiber demodulation instrument manufacturers, the testing contrast effectively highlight our product performance on high spatial resolution, accurate measuring precision, super long measuring distance and other advantages.
            This project is mainly applied to high-speed railway track temperature and strain monitoring. Due to the effect of the constraint of the sleeper, high-speed rail track will occur non-uniform deformation under the action of temperature fluctuations in the environment, and the deformation beyond the limits can cause significant security hidden danger of high-speed railway operation. In the region with the highest temperature difference during the year, the track may be caused by the effect of temperature load, such as rail expansion and distortion. Traditionally, to eliminate this potential safety problems, railway staffs need to check the temperature and deformation of the track, and in the region of high temperature differences or severe inhomogeneous deformation area of the track, they need to carry out stress relief operation for the track. This way of artificial troubleshooting and maintenance not only consume large amounts of manpower cost, inefficient, but the information of the rail state cannot be feedback timely, comprehensively, and it is difficult to cover a long range of railway lines.
            Distributed optical fiber sensing technology is the one of the best sensing technology to develop high-speed railway track temperature and strain monitoring system, four prominent advantages listed: first, the sensing distance is long, which can reach more than dozens of kilometers of the sensing distance; Second, sensing optical fiber is optical signal demodulation, anti-electromagnetic interference, and will not affect the existing electrical signal propagation in the track; Third, the fiber material is non-metallic, anti-corrosion, has excellent durability, can meet the requirements of track long-term monitoring; Fourth, the sensing optical fiber is small in volume, light in weight and good in deformation. It can be conveniently arranged without affecting the normal use of the rails.

  • [2017-12]    中国电子科技集团第二十三研究所光纤水听器监测仪项目顺利验收

            Recently, the project of fiber hydrophone monitor undertaken from the 23th research institute of China Electronic Technology Corporation has been completed and passed the check successfully. In this project, our company develops the first distributed Brillouin optical fiber sensing demodulator, realizing distributed strain and temperature measurement of the sensing arm of optical fiber hydrophone based on Michelson interferometer with 2cm spatial resolution. The results of spot test demonstrate the status of strain distribution and periodic strain distribution of optical fiber clearly. This demodulator reveals the structure of optical fiber hydrophone and meets the requirement of higher precision. Users give this equipment sufficient praises and a high appraisal.
            Optic fiber hydrophone is a kind of acoustic sensor working undersea based on optical fiber and optoelectronic technique. It has advantage of high sensitivity, great frequency response, anti-electromagnetic interference, long-distance transmission, and large-scale networking. It has been applied to monitor of ocean environment and earthquake tsunami. However, after a long term operation undersea, part of fiber loop inside will stand too much pressure due to erosion of hydraulic pressure, resulting in transmission loss and deterioration. Meanwhile, the optic fiber hydrophone maybe present different performance under different working conditions, such as different sea area and different depth. This phenomenon is related to craftsmanship, glue of fiber loop, and it limits the development of optical fiber hydrophone. In traditional Brillouin Optical Time Domain Analysis (BOTDA) system, because of the reflection of continuous light by interface of two Faraday mirrors, the intensity of interference signal of two reflecting light will be stranger than BOTDA signal, becoming jamming signal and being unable to measure distributed strain and temperature. Besides, the spatial resolution of BOTDA system is only ~1m, which cannot meet requirement of cm level.
            For this special requirement, we develop a differential pulse pair Brillouin Optical Time Domain Analysis (DPP-BOTDA) system, which can avoid the jamming signal effectively and overcome this difficulty. Meanwhile, it breaks the limitation of 1m spatial resolution and realizes 2cm ultra-high spatial resolution. It can be competent for distributed measurement of optical fiber hydrophone. This technique provides a new kind of test method for theoretical study of optical fiber hydrophone.

  • [2017-12]    热烈祝贺我公司被认定为国家高新技术企业

            Recently, our company successfully passed the joint appraisal of Liaoning Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Liaoning Provincial Department of Finance, Liaoning Provincial State Administration of Taxation and Liaoning Provincial Local Taxation Bureau, and was recognized as "National High-tech Enterprise".
            Since its inception, our company relies on technological innovation and technological progress to promote business development, committed to the research and development of high-performance distributed optical fiber sensors and the transformation of results. The company set up a special technology research and development center, has a high-quality technical innovation team and with Harbin Institute of Technology to maintain long-term cooperation between production and research institutes, and steadily promote product development and innovation, and constantly enhance their core competitiveness and sustainable development capacity. The comprehensive index of "High performance distributed Brillouin optical fiber temperature and strain analyzer" produced by our company occupies leading level in the world and fills the blank of high performance distributed optical fiber sensor analyzer in our country.
            At present, the products have been applied to distributed stress and birefringence test of high-precision fiber optic gyroscope rings, subsidence monitoring of permafrost region in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, load monitoring of Xiamen Haicang Bridge, hot spot monitoring of State Grid intelligent substation, monitoring of track strain of high-speed railway , Urban comprehensive pipe gallery monitoring, landslide debris flow monitoring, fire monitoring and other engineering applications, help our livelihood infrastructure development, speed up the pace of China's realization of a smart city for China's innovative nation building a brick wall.
            High-tech enterprises that the success is a milestone in the development of the company, is an opportunity and a challenge. We will take this successful high-tech enterprises as an opportunity to declare success, seize the opportunity, market-oriented, innovation as a fundamental, to further enhance the capacity of independent innovation and strengthen the core competitiveness of enterprises in order to speed up industrial transformation of northeast old industrial base Make your own contribution.

  • [2017-11]    Realphotonics participated in the 6th International Forum on Opto-electronic Sensor-based Monitoring in Geo-engineering (FOSMG)

            Realphotonics participated in the FOSMG on November 3-5, 2017, which was organized by Center for Engineering Monitoring with Opto-Electronic Sensing (CEMOES) of Nanjing University and Nanjing University High-Tech Institute at Suzhou, and co-organized by National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) China National Group of International Association for Engineering Geology, the International Association for Engineering Geology and the Environment (IAEG) Chinese committee, the Environment International Society for Structural Health Monitoring of Intelligent Infrastructure (ISHMII), International Society for Environmental Geotechnology (ISEG), etc. The forum theme was “Frontiers and Applications of Infrastructure Monitoring Technologies”.
           Realphotonics showed up with two series of distributed Brillouin fiber sensor demodulator featuring high spatial resolution,named RP1005 and RP1020. Professor Dong Yongkang, Harbin Institute of Technology, founder of the Company, was invited to give a lecture on “Ultrafast Brillouin Distributed Optical Fiber Sensor for Dynamic Strain Measurement at MHz Sampling Rate”. This conference assembled many experts and scholars from various industries to discuss the development and application of optical fiber sensing technology in the field of geological and structural monitoring, providing a platform of cooperation and exchange for experts, scholars and technicians engaged in various basic monitoring. This was Realphotonics’s virgin appearance on related civil and industrial exhibition, attracting domestic and foreign scholars and companies to stop for acquaintance and consult, and many potential users had a further discussion with company technical staff.
           As a leader in high-performance distributed optical fiber sensing technology, Realphotonics displayed products with ultra-high spatial resolution, long measuring distance, high measurement accuracy, fast response, etc., suitable for occasion for demanding spatial resolution and positioning accuracy. The company's product applications include structural health monitoring of large buildings such as bridges, dams and tunnels, monitoring of geological hazards like landslides, temperature and deformation monitoring of oil and gas pipelines and storage tanks, and monitoring of submarine or land high-voltage and optical cables. It has been successfully applied to the settlement monitoring of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau subgrade, the monitoring of the side slope of the Xijiang Railway in Jiangxi Province, the load monitoring of Xiamen Haicang Bridge, the performance monitoring of prefabricated integrated prefabricated pipelines in Harbin, the settlement monitoring of Huibai high-speed iron tailings subgrade in Changbai City, Jilin Province and other projects, which has achieved good monitoring results.
              The successful hosting of this exhibition has promoted the exchange between academia and industry, strengthened the deep exchange between us and users, helped us understand the needs of our customers better and effectively expanded the company's influence on geology and geotechnics engineering photoelectric monitoring area.Through this conference, we have seen that distributed optical fiber sensing technology is affecting our era and pushing the development of intelligent monitoring in various industries in the national construction. We will seize the opportunities that the times give us and stand on the peak of distributed optical fiber sensing technology with continuous innovation, providing a full range of solutions to application of various industries.

  • [2017-10]    Liaoning TV reported our company research results.

            On October 27, Liaoning TV reported our research product continuous distributed optical fiber temperature and strain sensor to break the foreign monopoly.
         This continuous distributed optical fiber temperature and strain sensing instrument can provide continuous distributed long distance, high resolution, high precision of temperature and strain monitoring. Compared with the traditional technology it has obvious advantages such as small volume, light weight, electromagnetic interference resistance, corrosion resistance and no need for electricity. Particularly, it is able to realize continuous measurement of the hundreds of thousands of points, which is unmatched by previous technology. Currently, the product has been applied to long distance oil and gas pipeline leak and deformation monitoring, embankment settlement monitoring of the qinghai-tibet plateau, large bridge safety diagnosis, state grid intelligent substation fire alarm and fault point location, safety diagnosis, the security of urban underground pipe engineering and sensitive optical fiber ring distributed stress and temperature detection, etc.
            News link:

  • [2017-09]    睿科光电参加第19届中国国际光电博览会(CIOE)

           Founded in 1999, China International Optoelectronic Exposition (CIOE) is the largest and most influential and authoritative optoelectronic exhibition in the world and is accredited by the International Exhibition Union (UFI). The 19th China International Optoelectronic Exposition in 2017 was held in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center from September 6-9.
            As a leader in optical fiber sensing, RealPhotonicsCo have presented the leading distributed Brillouin fiber optic sensing technology and system solutions to a broad audience.
            The BOTDA products of RealPhotonicsCo are mainly used in railways, oil pipelines, power lines and other facilities temperature and strain monitoring, with high spatial resolution, long measuring distance, high accuracy, fast response and other advantages. The company brought RP1020 and RP2050 two products and attracted many experts to visit and experience during the exhibition. combined with practical engineering technicians, the company also introduced the instrument performance indicators, optical fiber layout and engineering application results to the experts.

  • [2017-06]    睿科光电参加第九届光电子 · 中国博览会(PHOTONICS CHINA EXPO)

            The 9th PHOTONICS CHINA EXPO was successfully held in Beijing • China International Exhibition Center from June 6 to June 8, 2017. More than 600 enterprises and institutions from home and abroad participated in the exhibition and held academic and industrial forums in the 15 directions of optical fiber sensing, rail transit and intelligent security in the same period. RealPhotonicsCo debuted this exhibition with high-performance distributed optical fiber sensor RP1020 and RP1005.
            During the exhibition, our company attracted many experts including scientists, professors, technicians and famous entrepreneurs to experience the distributed optical fiber sensor. The technical service personnel explained to the visitors in detail about the products in the city safety diagnosis (Urban integrated pipe network health monitoring, Large bridge safety assessment, etc.), subsidence monitoring, rail transit and other engineering applications.
            At the same time, we have strengthened communication and cooperation and expand common interests with other participating optical components suppliers. Exhibitions and forums full of hot and comprehensive expression of the domestic optical fiber sensing the development of the status quo. The domestic optical fiber sensing spring is approaching.

  • [2017-06]    睿科光电参与的国家重大科学仪器设备开发专项“分布式光纤应变监测仪”获正式立项

           It is learned from the Ministry of Science and Technology that the "Distributed Optical Fiber Strain Monitor", a major national scientific instrument and equipment development project participated by our company, was officially approved with a total project funding of 41 million. The project is headed by Professor Dong Yongkang from Harbin Institute of Technology. ZTE Corporation is the leading unit of industrialization of the project and RealPhotonics is the technical support unit. The technology application units include China Railway Bridge Science Research Institute, Ltd., CCCC Highway Consultants Co., Ltd., CCCC First Highway Consultants Co., Ltd. and Institute of Rock and Soil Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences.
            This project aims at the major national needs of large infrastructure, large-scale structural equipment and geological hazard monitoring and safety monitoring. We developed the Brillouin optical fiber strain monitor with independent intellectual property rights, related software and database to carry out engineering research and establish application demonstration engineering (including large bridges and large equipment, roads, geological disasters and underground structural engineering monitoring, etc.), and industrial promotion. This project will greatly improve our country's level of safety monitoring in large-scale infrastructure, large-scale structural equipment and geological disasters, narrow the gap with developed countries, enhance public safety and reduce economic losses and social impacts.

  • [2017-05]    睿科光电推出 RP4000 BOTDR系列产品

             May 3, 2017, Realphotonics introduced the RP4000 series long range distributed Brillouin Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (BOTDR). The product only needs to obtain one end of the sensing fiber and has advantages of long-distance monitoring. As a new type of monitoring system, it has a wide range of applications and can be applied to on-line monitoring of submarine cables, monitoring of oil and gas pipelines, underground pipeline monitoring, structural health monitoring of buildings, substation monitoring and some other application background.

  • [2017-05]    深圳市特发信息股份有限公司王宝董事长等人来我司参观考察

            Shenzhen SDG Information Co., Ltd. chairman Wang Bao, vice president Liu Yang, vice president of optical fiber cable branch Wang Xiaofeng and Northeast business manager Chen Di visit our company on May 2, 2017.
            During the visit, the delegation visited the R & D center and the production process of high-performance distributed optical fiber sensors and listened to the four series of products and application areas of the company chairman Dong Yongkang on high spatial resolution, long distance, dynamic and perimeter security , and the application of the products in practical projects such as Haicang Bridge in Xiamen, settlement monitoring of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, diagnosis of high-precision fiber optic gyroscope rings, urban safety and smart city, etc. And then the delegation personally experienced high performance distributed optical fiber sensing demodulation instrument and distributed optical fiber vibration sensor field test results. The technological innovation and superior performance of product attracted the delegation's extensive interest.
            Subsequently, the two sides conducted in-depth talks and conducted extensive and in-depth discussions on the application of the Company's products in urban safety and smart cities. At last, the two sides exchanged views on their long-term strategic cooperation in the future. Both parties agreed that Shenzhen SDG Information Co., Ltd. and RealPhotonics had larger space for cooperation and should give full play to their advantages in markets and technologies to promote mutually beneficial and win-win development.

  • [2017-03]    睿科光电推出 RP5000 周界安防系列产品

             March 15, 2017, Realphotonics introduced RP5000 perimeter security products. The distributed optical fiber vibration sensing system of this product can precisely locate each event point and fault along the optical cable, realize long-range dynamic monitoring, and provide effective solutions for reducing positioning error and improving spatial resolution. Specific parameters are as follows: Monitoring range: 40 km; Spatial positioning accuracy: 1-10 meters; Real-time response to events; 24-hour unattended automatic alarm and other functions; Alarm system will accurately give the alarm location.
            The product is based on Φ-OTDR distributed optical fiber sensing system with advantages as anti-electromagnetic interference, high sensitivity, corrosion resistance, not easy to find, accurate in alarm positioning, data processing convenience and other advantages. As a novel alarm monitoring system, security monitoring can be carried out on military bases, national borders, nuclear power plants, prisons, oil pipelines and so on.

  • [2016-10]    Realphotonics attended "The 1st International Workshop on Structural Health Monitoring for Railway System"

            October 12 to 14, 2016, "The 1st International Workshop on Structural Health Monitoring for Railway System" was held in Qingdao. The meeting was jointly organized by by China Qingdao Sifang locomotive Limited by Share Ltd, The car industry Research Institute Co., LTD. and Stanford university. The conference theme was the review of "structural health monitoring technology development, looking to the future structural health monitoring technology applied in rail transit industry". From China, the United States, Germany, Britain, France, Japan, South Korea, Spain, Australia, Hong Kong and other 13 countries and regions more than 200 members, scholars and industry experts gathered in the Car, discussing about rail transit new technology of structural health monitoring.
            Realphotonics was invited to the meeting, and make oral presentation. At the same time my company show RP1000 series high spatial resolution distributed Brillouin optical fiber temperature and strain analyzer, winning the participating experts and scholars attention and affirmation.

  • [2016-08]    The American President General photonic and technical director of science and technology of Suzhou aura to visit our company

            On August 1, 2016, the American President General photonic Dr Xiaotian Yao and technical director of science and technology of Suzhou aura Dr Zhihong Li to visit our company, discussing about distributed optical fiber sensing industry development trend and the latest high performance distributed optical fiber sensing technology, etc.
            Chairman of the board of directors of the company Professor Yongkang Dong, at first introduces the development status and the latest high spatial resolution, long distance and the excellent properties of dynamic three series of products. Dr Yao personally uses 5 cm space resolution distributed Brillouin fiber optic sensor RP1005 for optical fiber gyro and optical fiber hydrophone optical fiber ring for performance testing, and to understand the product in Bridges, dams and roads with the actual test results. At the same time, Dr Yao introduces to us in recent years the general development of photons, providing valuable advice for the development of our company. Under this technical exchanges, our company with general photonic are on deepening cooperation in matters relating to the strategic cooperation agreement.

  • [2016-08]    Project of Nanjing Pukou passed the acceptance

            Nanjing Pukou optical fiber sensing show experience park is a concentration of propaganda, science, exhibitions, investment and the integration of multi-functional modern exhibition hall, completed in August 2016.For garden stone bridge condition monitoring Realphotonics provides experience for high performance distributed optical fiber temperature/strain analyzer.
            To experience the park across the river at the top of the stone bridge cable laying 70 m strain monitoring, sensing cable to reach every corner stone bridge. By running the company provide RP1020 type high performance distributed optical fiber sensing device, for distributed strain monitoring of laying the strain of cable, can provide 20 cm spatial resolution of distributed strain monitoring. Monitoring system response frequency up to 1 Hz level, precision of the measuring 20 micro strain, with a high speed data transmission and graphic display technology can be timely and accurate response the location of the pedestrian walk on the stone bridge, bridge deformation and speed. Project perfectly presented high and new technology application in the real life, let people at close range, simple, straightforward experience high-tech charm.
            At present the whole project has been acceptance by the district government, stone bridge strain monitoring system is running good, reliable data and can accurately express the state of strain in all parts of the stone bridge.

  • [2016-05]    Realphotonics attended "The 5th China (Beijing) International Conference of Optical Fiber Sensors Technology and Applications"

            On May 9 to 11, 2016, "The 5th China (Beijing) International Conference of Optical Fiber Sensors Technology and Applications" was held in Beijing national convention center, held 2016 optoelectronics • China expo, IPTA2016 international photoelectric technology and application innovation seminar series. The meeting by the Chinese society for the study of high-tech industrialization, optical engineering society of China (CSOE) and the international society for optical engineering (SPIE) host. In addition to the frontier academic studies, focus on smart grids, large component security, coal, geological disaster, oil field safety applications, such as seminars and demand docking. The meeting invited scholars and experts in the field of optical fiber sensing and related enterprises to attend, and invite a number of academicians, experts, professors, do conference report or special report.
            Realphotonics was invited to the meeting, and special reports. At the same time my company show three series of high-performance distributed Brillouin fiber optic temperature/strain sensor, including the RP1000 series of high spatial resolution, RP2000 series of long distance and RP3000 dynamic measuring series, winning the participating experts and scholars attention and affirmation.

  • [2016-04]    Realphotonics attended “The 9th China Optical Fiber Sensing Conference and Industrialization Forum”(OFSC2016)

             On April 16 to19, 2016, "The 9th China Optical Fiber Sensing Conference and Industrialization Forum" was held in Shenzhen, this forum is the highest level meeting domestic optical fiber sensing field, has successfully held the eighth. The meeting by Shenzhen university and Chinese university of Hong Kong Shenzhen) to undertake together. Meeting invitation in optical fiber sensing and other related disciplines have made outstanding contributions of experts and scholars attending, do the conference and invite a number of academicians, professors and experts report or special report.
            Realphotonics was invited to the meeting, at the same time to launch the first international dynamic distributed Brillouin fiber optic temperature/strain sensor RP3100. My company the exhibits three series of high-performance distributed Brillouin fiber optic temperature/strain sensor, including the RP1000 series of high spatial resolution, RP2000 series of long distance and RP3000 dynamic measuring series, winning the participating experts and scholars attention and affirmation. Experts to visit and exchange to the company booth Yanbiao Liao, tsinghua university, professor, member of Wuhan polytechnic university Desheng Jiang, foundation information, Jie He director of Shandong academy of sciences professor Tongyu Liu, Tingyun Wang professor of university, Shanghai Tie-gen Liu, Tianjin university professor and professor Li Pei Beijing jiaotong university, etc.

  • [2015-05]    Realphotonics attended “The 4th China(Beijing) International Symposium of Optical fiber Sensors Technology and Applications”

            "The 4th China(Beijing) International Symposium of Optical fiber Sensors Technology and Applications" was held during May 5 to 7, 2015 in International Conference Center, Beijing Province.The Conference was Co-sponsored by China High-tech Industrilization Association, Chinese Society for Optical Engineering and Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers. The meeting invited international top scientists to do special invited to discuss the international frontier hot topics. The 7th China (Beijing) International Optoelectronic Exhibition will be held concurrently. It will provide a platform for communication among industry experts, scholars and business representatives.
            Realphotonics invited to participate in and invited to report. At the same time in "The 7th China (Beijing) International Optoelectronic Exhibition" launched the "centimeter-level ultra-high spatial resolution distributed Brillouin fiber temperature / strain sensor", won the first "China Optical Engineering Society of Science and Technology Innovation Award ".

  • [2015-01]    Realphotonics attended "The Fibre-optic and Photonic Sensors for Industrial and Safety Applications Conference"(OFSIS2015)

            "The Fibre-optic and Photonic Sensors for Industrial and Safety Applications Conference" was held during January 20 to 23, 2015 in Jinan, Shandong Province. The Conference was Co-sponsored by China Association Of Work Safety and the British Institute of Physics, the British Society for Measurement and Control, the China Coal Industry Association and the Science, Technology Department of Shandong Province.
            As a company in the field of distributed optical fiber sensing, Realphotonics was invited to participate in this conference. We presented the "High Spatial Resolution (5 cm) Distributed Brillouin Fiber Strain/Temperature Analyzer Prototype", Instruments have been concerned about and praise by experts and scholars.